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Our mission is to identify and support companies that live at the intersection of for-profit & for-good.

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Extending Our Expertise
Extending Our Expertise
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Collab Fund has partnered with world-renowned experts who are defining the climate conversation across every corner of the economy to create The Sustainability Board. These leaders are instrumental in evaluating new investment opportunities, understanding evolving customer drivers, and unlocking growth for our portfolio companies.
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Noel Kinder
Chief Sustainability Officer at Nike
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Emma Stewart
Chief Sustainability Officer at Netflix
Schneider Electric logo
Vanessa Miler-Fels
VP of Climate at Schneider Electric
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Nate Gorence
Chief of Staff & Head of Business Development at Impossible Foods
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Stacy Kauk
Head of Sustainability at Shopify

It should not be assumed that any environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) initiatives, standards or metrics described herein, including those relating to sustainability and climate, will apply to each asset in which any fund invests or that they have applied to each of the prior investments. ESG is only one of the many considerations that the funds take into account when making investment decisions, and other considerations can be expected in certain circumstances to outweigh those considerations.