A Few Questions

Whose life do I admire that is secretly miserable?

What do I believe is true only because believing it puts me in good standing with my tribe?

Which of my current values would be different if I were raised by different parents?

What do I believe the most with the least amount of evidence of it being true?

Who has the right answer but I ignore because they’re a bad communicator?

Who is full of it but I pay attention to because they’re a good communicator?

What do I think is ambition (a good trait) but is actually envy (a terrible one)?

What annoys me about other people that I sometimes do myself?

How much of my nostalgia is a false or incomplete memory of the past?

What in your profession is impossible to know no matter how smart you become? David Deutsch said, “Beware of the difference between prediction and prophecy. Prophecy purports to know things which cannot be known.”

Is this thing I’m worried about actually a problem, or am I looking for problems to worry about because they make me feel in control?

What in my field do I think is a law (works all the time) but is actually just a rule (works some of the time)?

What do I think is a universal truth but is actually just a norm unique to my own culture?

What was true a generation ago that no longer is, and who is clinging to that old truth?

What is partially true but I believe in it so absolutely, and take it so seriously, that I’ve turned it into a dangerous belief?

Are there things going well in my life today that I will look back on and wish I had quit while I was ahead?

Is there something in my life I think I’m “passionate” about or “focused” on but I’m actually just addicted to it?

Do I spend more time defending what I already know instead of trying to learn something new?

Are there people in my life who I consider kind and compassionate but they’re actually just too shy to tell me hard truths?

What would Instagram look like if it were an honest reflection of people’s life, instead of a curated highlight reel?

Am I being as nice as I could be, rather than just as nice as I need to be?