Announcing Social Citizens! A Partnership With The Case Foundation Promoting Social Entrepreneurship And Impact

From its inception, Social Citizens has served to spark discourse around the ideas we hold dear: collaboration, transparency, and social entrepreneurship. It’s a unique community of like-minded individuals, passionate about the things that matter and predisposed towards action. Today, we’re excited to announce that the Case Foundation has transitioned stewardship of Social Citizens to the Collaborative Fund. Moving forward, we’ll be engaging @SocialCitizen 330,000+ followers, and incubating discussion through a new Social Citizens Subreddit.

The original mission centered on creating social impact will remain consistent. However, the next phase of Social Citizens is focused on creating opportunities for discussion and action. The two platforms we’ve chosen as vehicles for these conversations are collaborative in nature and we’re excited to see the direction it takes—wherever that may lead.

As an endeavor driven by the community, and in the candid spirit of transparency, we think it’s worthwhile to lay out some modest goals for all of us to work towards. A few metrics 1 we hope to achieve in the coming months:

Social Citizens Subreddit:


We look forward to hearing from you on Twitter @SocialCitizen, and on the Social Citizens Subreddit. It’s going to be a very interesting exercise investigating the possibilities of collaboration. 

  1. These metrics are a bit of a stab in the dark - but exemplify the overarching goal of this initial phase which is community engagement.