Bison Trails - Why We Invested

We’re excited to announce that Collaborative is backing Bison Trails in its Series A financing, joining a great group of new investors including Blockchain Capital, A.Capital, Coinbase, Kleiner Perkins, and Sound Ventures.

Blockchains represent a fundamental shift in the way economic activity is organized and executed. Decentralization is powerful. The problem is that it can also be technically challenging and costly to implement for a variety of reasons. For many would-be network participants, scaling up an infrastructure team in-house simply doesn’t make economic sense. Frictions to participation work against decentralization and adoption.

This is where Bison Trails comes in. Its VPS-independent platform makes running participation node clusters a breeze. We can attest to this with first hand knowledge because we were a client before we were an investor. We’ve worked closely with Bison Trails through the Algorand network launch, as have many of the early backers. In fact, as we were doing due diligence prior to network launch and checking in with others who had financed development of the network, its name kept coming back time and time again when we asked “who’s running your nodes?”

Finally, we’re routinely impressed with Joe, Aaron, and the whole BT team. The level of transparency and responsiveness is unparalleled in our experience. Network launches can be stressful events. Trust in your infrastructure platform is paramount and we’ve never had a moment of doubt along that dimension. Worrying about uptime, regional/jurisdictional node location, and infrastructure security is not an optimal use of our time. Bison Trails lets us focus on investing. We couldn’t be more excited to join and support them on their journey to building a company of lasting value.