This is Hard Because Nothing is Black or White

Business is not easy. Investing is not easy. Why? Because most of matters can’t be easily defined as black or white. It’s a vague, shifting shade of grey. For example:

Tune out the noise. Also, read as much as possible.

Be patient. Also, don’t be stubborn.

Have conviction. Also, change your mind when necesarry.

Be contrarian. Also, listen to smart people.

Fail quickly. Also, never give up.

Focus on the big variables that matter most. Also, don’t miss important details.

Trust your gut. Also, beware of your own biases.

Never overpay for an investment. Also, be willing to pay a premium for great investments.

Stay within your circle of competence. Also, learn where the world is going.

Run a tight budget. Also, invest heavily in what matters most.

The customer is always right. Also, take care of every stakeholder.

Give work 100% of what you have. Also, don’t burn out.

Think long term. Also, be present in the moment.

Execute on your plan. Also, improvise and be flexible.

Deliberate. Also, move quickly when opportunity presents itself.

Be humble. Also, build your personal brand.

I don’t know what the answer to these problems are. Or maybe that’s the point. The more think you’ve figured these problems out, the more likely you are to falsely think they’re black and white.