How Things Have Gotten Better

Things tend to get better over time. Sometimes it’s slow, and the progress takes place amid constant setbacks. But progress is the path of history.

The Collaborative Fund team recently brainstormed a few lesser-known examples of progress in action. We asked: What materials and ingredients are used today that are cleaner, healthier, or more sustainable than we used in the past?

A few examples …

Plant liquor —> synthetic/molecular liquor (Glyph)

Chicken egg —> mung bean (JUST Egg)

Cream —> pili nut (Lavva Yogurt)

Roundup —> Salicylic acid (Sunday Lawn Care)

Seafood —> Fungi (Prime Roots)

Alcohol —> euphorics (Kin)

Cow milk —> pea protein (Ripple)

Traditional flour —> Cricket flour

Steel cars —> aluminum cars (lighter, better MPG)

Aluminum planes —> carbon fiber planes (lighter, better MPG)

Flue gas emissions —> carbon negative cement

Soy based animal feed —> mootral

Silk —> Bolt threads

Corn —> Kelp (ethanol)

Filament (conventional light bulb) —> Diode (LED)

Slowly, but surely.

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