Investing At The Later Stage

Collaborative Fund’s focus is investing in startups at the beginning of their journey. We have seeded dozens of new businesses over the last decade, and have even been one of the first investors in some special companies like Gumroad and Scopely, Magic Spoon, among others.

We began investing in companies at later stages (Series B and beyond) in 2014. We realized that our mission of backing companies pushing the world forward was not specifically a seed-stage investing strategy; it’s an investment philosophy that can apply to companies throughout their lifespan. To date, we have invested roughly $100 million across 20 later-stage investments.

Some of these later-stage investments include existing portfolio companies that we invested in early and continued backing as they scaled — examples include Upstart and Good Eggs. In other cases we met the company later in their journey, but were thrilled to be a part of it, such as Beyond Meat and Benson Hill.

We’re excited to become long-term partners in the companies we back as they scale for years to come.

—Collaborative Team