Collaborative’s Future: More money, more solutions

Eight years ago we started with a thesis — the market was moving toward a sharing-based economy, consumers were looking to align consumption with values, and entrepreneurs who could craft businesses at the intersection of these trends would be positioned for success.

We convinced a number of LPs to bet on this perspective, raised $10 million dollars, and got busy putting our money behind this movement. The entrepreneurs we bet on - whether at Kickstarter or Lyft or Blue Bottle Coffee - delivered for us, we were able to deliver for our LPs, and collectively, we delivered for society. That gave birth to more funds, and more LPs, and more investments, and more progress. It has been fun, hard, productive work.

The thesis has proven true, and the opportunity we witnessed has only grown. Today, we are very proud to announce Collaborative IV, a new $100 million early-stage fund, is now open for business.

We will take the lessons from the past eight years - from successes and from failures - and we will put them to work behind the rising crop of entrepreneurs who are using business to drive the world forward.

It is an honor for all us at Collaborative to do this work, and we look forward to bringing our best for all our stakeholders on the path forward.