Values and Mission Alignment Throughout Our Organization

I first met Lauren Loktev in 2012.

Collaborative Fund was gearing up to raise our second fund, and Lauren was working at New Island Capital, focusing on private investments in funds and companies in sustainable food and consumer products, education, marketplaces, and the environment. We immediately hit it off given our shared interest in investing in values-driven businesses and the potential to strengthen communities through technology.

Lauren wasn’t a typical LP. We worked closely together and co-authored a white-paper on the mobile messaging market, which led to us creating partnership with Line, the leading mobile messenger in Japan and Southeast Asia.

As Collaborative Fund grew it became increasingly clear that Lauren was someone I deeply respected and wanted to work more closely with.

After closing our third fund in 2015, Lauren left New Island, where she was a Senior Vice President, and joined Collaborative Fund as a venture partner.

It was one of the best moves we’ve made.

Lauren has high levels of both analytical and emotional intelligence. There are a lot of smart people, and a lot of empathetic people. There aren’t many of both. She has the patience to hear out exactly what you’re trying to say, but the technical ability to evaluate a legal document and master a valuation model. It is a rare combination of skills.

I appreciate her steady hand.

I appreciate her unique perspective.

I appreciate her long-term view.

I appreciate her team-first mentality.

Over the last two years she has proven herself to be a leader in our organization.

And I am proud that she took me up on the offer to become a Partner in Collaborative Fund late last year.

For those of you who’ve had the opportunity to work directly with her, I am sure this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Please join me in congratulating her.