Rapid Funding for Climate Solutions

Shared Future provides rapid, catalytic capital for entrepreneurs working on climate change solutions.

Since 2022, we have supported over 130 early-stage climate companies.

Inspired by Fast Grants, we’ve attempted to remove friction from the process of funding ambitious solutions and get capital into the hands of those at the onset of the journey, in an efficient and programmatic way.

True to the name, Shared Future extends beyond Collaborative Fund. We are pleased to launch with some like-minded partners, who bring valuable expertise, connections, and practical guidance.

The Goldhirsh Foundation has been funding pragmatic solutions to improve society since 2006. “For a challenge as significant as climate and environmental degradation, we need to quickly test a range of creative ideas. We are thrilled to support climate innovation and explore new models of financing with Shared Future” said Tara Roth, Goldhirsh Foundation president.

sweetgreen is on a mission to connect people to real food every day, all while leading with purpose and making sustainable decisions that last longer than we will. Last year, sweetgreen pledged to become carbon neutral by 2027 and recently partnered with Watershed to help reach their six-year goals. “As restaurant leaders in an industry that accounts for as much as one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions, we are eager to use our platform and resources to confront the climate change crisis head on, working to become the first zero-carbon food business in the nation,” said sweetgreen Chief Concept Officer and Co-founder Nicolas Jammet.

Banff Advisors is a talent advisory firm facilitating the migration of top talent to pursue more purposeful careers. “Now more than ever people are waking up and asking themselves how their work aligns with their values,” said David Boehmer, founder of Banff Advisors. “We are ready to do our part and are excited to support Shared Future portfolio companies with high-level talent advice and guidance.”

Company-building takes a village and we hope to provide some of the initial ingredients needed to support founders embarking on bold and ambitious ventures working to solve the climate crisis.

We have also committed to share a portion of the profits from Shared Future with our friends at World Central Kitchen, in support of its $1 billion Climate Disaster Fund. “Climate crisis-fueled extreme weather leads to most of the disasters to which WCK responds. We are grateful to Collaborative and all of the organizations involved with Shared Future in this generous support of our Climate Disaster Fund,” said Erich Broksas, COO of World Central Kitchen.

The first cohort of Shared Future is broad in scope and nature. We are excited to support initiatives in the future of food and agriculture, new materials, deep decarbonization, and more.

If $100,000 and an inspired coalition of kindred organizations could potentially help you achieve your mission in the climate arena, we want to hear from you. Learn more here.

—Craig Shapiro