Thank You Kanyi Maqubela

When I hired Kanyi back in 2011, he was an optimistic, smart, fun-loving, thoughtful person. We immediately hit it off. We both cared deeply about making the world a better place, and that bond proved to be a foundation for an incredible business partnership and friendship.

Today, five years later, Kanyi is planning to move on from Collaborative Fund to start something new. Something of his own, with a different focus than what we’re building at Collaborative Fund.

I’m excited and supportive of his path. He remains every bit as smart, fun-loving, and thoughtful as when we first met. But he has also blossomed into an accomplished and well-respected early-stage investor. And we wish him all of the success that he deserves. We know he will do great things and we will continue to remain friends both professionally and personally.

So what does this mean for Collaborative Fund?

For one, Kanyi will not be going too far. He will remain a venture partner and continue to support our existing portfolio.

Secondly, Collaborative Fund will continue strengthening our core team. We’ve spoken to many wonderful people over the years, and intentionally kept our partnership selective. We’ll follow suit as we add more talent to our group, and ensure the core team’s commitment to our mission.

Collaborative Fund has, and always will, support entrepreneurs pushing the world forward. There is a reason I named the firm Collaborative Fund. It’s because we are a firm built atop a certain set of values and purpose that are bigger than any individual. They can, and will, endure and live on well beyond any single contributor — including myself.

When starting Collaborative Fund, our very first investment was in our brand. That brand has grown and expanded in immeasurable ways. We’ve backed dozens of entrepreneurs in more than 50 companies. They’ve created tangible value for the world – improved the food we eat, the way we teach our kids, and the way we communicate with one another. We are proud to be their partners.

And we are still just getting started.

So, thank you again Kanyi.

Thank you for helping us build an incredibly solid foundation. A strong brand. For personifying our mission. Your contributions to Collaborative Fund are indelible, and your continued support and friendship are invaluable — for which I am eternally grateful.