The Art of the Well Made Introduction

This post is from our Founder Support Series, a collection of articles centered around highlighting smart, efficient, and proven company-building tactics for common early-stage challenges.

As investors, we often try to tap our personal network, as well as that of our partners and LPs, to support our portfolio companies.

In the world of venture capital, networking is a powerful tool that can unlock doors to new opportunities and drive business growth. One of the most critical aspects of networking is the art of making effective introductions.

A well-crafted introduction can turn a cold connection into a warm one, leading to valuable partnerships, investments, or collaborations.

Here’s a guide to help you master the art of introduction requests from an investor like me:

Identify key contacts:

Prepare a targeted list:

Craft forwardable emails:

Be authentic and professional:

Follow up:

You’ll end up with two emails: The first asking me for the introductions and a second forwardable email.

By being thoughtful about whom you want to connect with in combination with well-crafted, forwardable introduction emails, you can significantly improve your chances of making meaningful connections.

This approach helps me help you by streamlining the process and respecting the time and effort of everyone involved. Embrace these strategies to enhance your networking skills and open doors to new opportunities.