This Week in Collaborative Fund

Our weekly update highlighting new products and jobs in our portfolio.

Launches & Product Updates 

Codecademy’s Hour of Code app is now available on the iPad:

Skillshare launches an Activity Feed on the web for users to follow classes, skills, and friends:

AngelList creates a new universal investor accreditation form:

AngelList tests charging for job listings, for successful hires startups will pay 10% salary or .25% equity:

Balanced unveils new transparent pricing for volume card processing:

Balanced will soon allow customers to push payments directly to debit cards. This new feature was crowdfunded by Balanced users:

Kickstarter now allows crowdfunders the ability to generate targeted updates to backers:

Lyft updates donations vs. set pricing for specific cities:

Growth & Collaborations

On January 22 Upstart hit a new high of 50 upstarts in funding!

Lyft hires Google X Legal Director David Estrada as its VP of Government Relations:

Rap Genius strikes a deal to license Universal Music’s lyrics:

AngelList recruits Philipp Moehring from Seedcamp to launch syndicates in Europe:

**Job Opportunities **

Makr is hiring a VP of Growth in Brooklyn: 

MakeSpace is hiring a Mobile Developer (iOS) in New York:

HelloSign is hiring a Head of Sales in San Francisco:

Gumroad is hiring a Product Designer in San Francisco:

TaskRabbit is hiring an Online Marketing Manager in San Francisco:

Soma Water is hiring a Design Director in San Francisco:


Creative Mornings is recruiting new organizers in San Francisco, Boston and Milan:

Emily Castor, Director of Community Engagement at Lyft, will be speaking at the upcoming CMX Summit in San Francisco:

The first Gumroad Creators Studio is on February 13th in San Francisco:


Codecademy is featured on Apple’s timeline of the last 30 years:

Lyft highlights its quirkiest drivers for promotion at Sundance:

This ad agency wants to help make your Kickstarter campaign a hit:

Explore (and rent!) a desk at Soma Water’s office in San Francisco:

Business Insider Q&A with Lyft driver Deco Carter, a.k.a Hip Hop Lyft:

“Doctors should be curators of the internet for their patients.” – Jay Parkinson, CEO of Sherpaa:


We hosted an AMA on Reddit yesterday with Zach Klein, co-founder & CEO of 

We announced the  winners of our  Skillshare x Seth Godin scholarship contest! Winners received a Skillshare gift card to enroll in Seth Godin’s entrepreneurship class.

New on Collaborative Market – XO Tablet by OLPC, Bevel by Walker & Co., Hello Ruby by Linda Liukas, Sugru, Behance notebooks + more:

Press & Interviews 

AngelList in Bloomberg Businessweek – “AngelList, a four-year-old startup based in San Francisco, is starting to open things up with a social network for the kind of people who create and invest in social networks.”

Kickstarter in Wired – How Kickstarter has changed indie moviemaking for good:

Zach Sims, CEO of Codecademy, spoke on a panel about higher education at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos:

How technology is helping Blue Bottle Coffee serve up a great cup of coffee – Hunter Walk interviews CFO David P. Bowman:

Inside the world of one-click grocery delivery, featuring Good Eggs:

MakeSpace in Apartment Therapy – “MakeSpace is a startup that promises that you’ll never have to visit a storage unit again.”

Simple in Business Insider – “Why I stopped using regular banks for two weeks.”

Progress Report 

Ryan Jacoby on simplifying data networks to make them more usable:

Craig Shapiro on transparency - “When you update your investors, be honest, tell the whole truth, and give context.”

Kanyi Maqubela on the big bets needed to change culture, featuring Hampton Creek Foods and Lyft: