This Week in Collaborative Fund

Our weekly update highlighting new products and jobs in our portfolio.


Grand St. launches a self-serve marketplace for hardware makers to list their goods: 

UpCounsel launches an outside general counsel program for companies needing long-term legal help:

Over 700 educators have applied to teach at AltSchool. Here’s how new teachers are selected:

In just a few short months, Sherpaa Health will be open for business in San Francisco!

Hampton Creek Foods raises $23M, strikes deals with major stores: + coverage in  The Wall Street Journal and  New York Magazine!


Yahoo acquires Wander, makers of Days – a social photo diary on the iPhone:

MyFitnessPal acquires coaching app Sessions to bring accountability to your workouts:

Kickstarter wins the 2013 Crunchie for “Best Overall Startup” by leveling the maker playing field:

Business Insider names Codecademy 1 of 11 app developers to watch in 2014 for their Hour of Code iOS app:

Upstart celebrates over $3,000,000 in offers from backers to upstarts!


Lyft launches a coalition to bridge ride-sharing insurance gaps:

Maker Studios joins a collective of YouTube channels to help drive video advertising:

How Maker’s Row is facilitating connections between designers and small-batch American manufacturers:

Kaplan Test Prep partners with Upstart to fund future software developers: 


White House to announce its first-ever Maker Faire this year: 

Why Silicon Valley wants to hack the food industry, featuring Hampton Creek Foods: ”This isn’t just going to happen in San Francisco, in a world of vegans. This is going to happen in Birmingham, Alabama. This is going to happen in Missouri, in Philadelphia.”

The Guardian: “Reddit is home to everything the web likes best, from kitten gifs to breaking news. What draws its 7m daily users? And what does it take to make it to the site’s highly prized front page?”

Press & Interviews 

Bevel by Walker & Co in The New York Times: “Search for a market niche, and you might find a crowd.” + coverage in  Fast CompanyMSNBC and  TechCrunch!

Fast Company on subscription retailers and how Quarterly frees customers from the tyranny of choice:

Forbes on how Quarterly is deepening relationships between influencers and fans:

Bloomberg on how filmmakers are using Kickstarter to fund and distribute films:

How MakeSpace is a “closet in the cloud.” – New storage service lets you use an app to retrieve items:

Fast Company names Hampton Creek Foods as one of the top 10 innovative companies dedicated to social good:

Upstart on CNN: “Rachel Kim raised $100,000 on Upstart — and will pay investors 6% of her earnings for 10 years.”

Q&A with Lyft co-founder John Zimmer: “I want to make sure we save Lyft in Seattle.”

Progress Report & Reddit

Craig Shapiro on how investing in your employees can help your bottom line: 

Kanyi Maqubela identifies the different technologies that enable the Internet of Things:

Ryan Jacoby encourages designers to disconnect and observe:

Alberto Escarlate asks how workers can stay relevant when their jobs become obsolete: 

Craig Shapiro profiles Collaborative Fund LP Chuck Templeton: 

We hosted a Reddit AMA last week with Scott Heiferman, CEO of Meetup: 

Job Opportunities

Hopscotch is looking for someone smart and idealistic to join their team on the operational side of things, based in New York:

Codecademy is hiring a Product Marketing & Community Lead in New York:

Kickstarter is hiring a Product Designer in New York:

Skillshare is hiring a General Manager in New York:

Simple is hiring a Data Visualization Engineer in Portland:

Good Eggs is hiring a Head of Business Operations & Finance in San Francisco:

Gumroad is hiring a Payments Engineer in San Francisco:

TaskRabbit is hiring a Product Manager, Mobile in San Francisco:

Lyft is hiring a Director of CRM and Engagement, a Creative Copywriter, and a Senior Data Scientist in San Francisco:

MindSnacks is hiring a Game Designer in San Francisco:

UpCounsel is hiring a Community Manager and a Product Manager in San Francisco: