Too Far

Every good idea and every admirable trait can be taken too far.

A few big ones where balance is everything:

Confidence without arrogance.

Optimism without complacency.

Independence without isolation.

Skepticism without cynicism.

Respect without idolizing.

Loyalty without fealty.

Open-minded without gullibility.

Opportunistic without FOMO.

Patience without stubbornness.

Caution without pessimism.

Risk without recklessness.

Passion without addiction.

Ambition without greed.

Honesty without disrespect.

Aspiration without insatiability.

Intelligence without overconfidence.

Success without ego.

Adaptable without being erratic.

Learning without cherry-picking.

Brevity without oversimplifying.

Simple without vapid.

Leadership without dominance.

Marketing without charlatanism.

Connection without dependance.

Luxury without excess.

Saving without hoarding.

Praise without flattery.