Welcoming Morgan Housel

We’re excited to welcome Morgan Housel to the Collaborative Fund team.

Morgan and I met over a year ago and immediately hit it off. His sensibility, pragmatic optimism, sense of humor, and diverse set of interests made him a perfect fit for our group.

He has spent the last nine years as a financial analyst at The Motley Fool and has written extensively about business and capital markets — for which he has been recognized by his peers. Tren Griffin recently shared a dozen things he has learned from Morgan about investing and life.

Morgan will be writing and speaking about business and investing, as well as working with us to strategize where we’re heading next.

Where are we heading next?

Hedge funds, private equity funds, and venture capital funds now command more than $6 trillion of capital. That’s equal to the inflation-adjusted net worth of all U.S. households in 1945.

Which is to say: This is a crowded industry.

Capital is not scarce. Intelligence is not scarce. Connections are not scarce.

What is scarce is patience, and investor values that support entrepreneurs whose mission is bigger than the next exit. Companies appreciate this. Partnering with investors who share that vision is invaluable for a business that measures its success in decades and its results in positive impact.

We’ve used these values to grow Collaborative Fund into a successful venture capital firm. But we know there’s a need for patient, values-driven capital in all parts of the investment world — from startups to established businesses, and from entrepreneurs to individual investors.

I am looking forward to working with Morgan closely and together taking Collaborative Fund into parts of the investment world we haven’t been yet.

More to share in the coming months!