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Negative interest rates:

Carlos: The money has arrived. What should I do with it between now and Monday?

HM: Put it in the bank.

Carlos: You know that means you’ll get less out on Monday than you put in today.

HM: Okay, then don’t put it in the bank.

Carlos: You have to put it in the bank.

HM: So put it in the bank.


Google acknowledged that the face recognition technology on the Pixel 4 will unlock the device even if a user’s eyes are closed. Apple, by contrast, designed Face ID so that a user must be looking at the screen to prevent someone gaining access by pointing a phone at a dead or sleeping owner.


Time it took to reach US$200 billion in annual revenue:

Exxon Mobil: 128 years

Toyota: 69 years

Apple: 39 years

Walmart: 36 years

Amazon: 24 years

(Numbers are inflation adjusted)

Different economies:

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 9.17.06 AM.png


Personal car ownership in the US has actually increased in the past 10 years, even in the frenzied urban places where Uber and car-share have become verbs. According to research from former New York City transportation official Bruce Schaller, the number of vehicles has grown faster than the population in some of the cities where ride-hail is most popular: Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.


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