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Many consequences from this:

Percent of Americans 65+ who often get news from TV: 81%

Percent of Americans 18-29: 16%

Percent of Americans 65+ who often get news from a print newspaper: 39%

Percent of Americans 18-29: 2%


John Bogle; whole interview is good:

What’s in your personal investment portfolio?

I’m 50% bonds — 50% Vanguard bond funds — and 50% stocks. Half the time I wonder why I have so much in stocks; the other half, I wonder why I have so little.


CEOs with MBAs:

Our findings suggest that the “best and brightest” do not appear to have a statistically significant edge when it comes to managing public companies. An elite pedigree—the type of pedigree favored by head hunters and corporate boards—is not predictive of superior management.

Getting away with it

IRS audits:

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 3.05.04 PM.png



In only three months, Australia has cut its plastic bag usage by 80 percent, according to the country’s National Retail Association.

Over the summer, two of Australia’s largest supermarket chains — Woolworths and Coles — announced the ban of single-use plastics in their stores in the Australian states of Queensland and Western Australian.


Just staggering:

Voyager 2 is now more than 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) from Earth. Data sent by the spacecraft moves at the speed of light and takes about 16.5 hours to reach scientists back on Earth.

Its twin, Voyager 1, entered interstellar space in August 2012, but Voyager 2 carries a working instrument that will provide the first-ever observations from this gateway into interstellar space.

While the probes have left the heliosphere, they have not left the solar system, which extends until the outer edge of the Oort Cloud. It would take 30,000 years for Voyager 2 to leave the solar system.

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