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This is unreal:

Kylie Cosmetics launched two years ago with a $29 “lip kit” consisting of a matching set of lipstick and lip liner, and has sold more than $630 million worth of makeup since, including an estimated $330 million in 2017. Even using a conservative multiple, and applying our standard 20% discount, *Forbes *values her company, which has since added other cosmetics like eye shadow and concealer, at nearly $800 million. Jenner owns 100% of it.

Caught red fonted


Friday’s ouster of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wasn’t just a momentous event in the Asian country but also big news for fans of typography.

A key part of the corruption case that led to Mr. Sharif’s removal from power hinged on the typeface used in a financial document.

The document was purported to be written in February 2006 but court-appointed investigators concluded that it was forged, noting that it used the Calibri font, a Microsoft licensed typeface that was not commercially available at the time.


Student loan mess:

I enrolled in night school because the cost of a French class at New York’s Cooper Union, an action that deferred my having to start paying off the debt, was cheaper than making the monthly payments I owed.


The Thai cave rescue:

The 11- to 16-year-old soccer players and their coach, 25-year-old Ekapol Chanthawong, were exploring the cave after practice on June 23 when it suddenly flooded because of heavy rains from a monsoon. A pair of British divers found the group 10 days later.

Instead of screaming or crying, the group was sitting quietly in the dark, meditating.

Chanthawong, who’d spent a decade as a Buddhist monk, could meditate for up to an hour at a time, his aunt told The Associated Press. Reports suggest he helped guide the boys in the practice when they needed it most.


The Tesla Model 3:

Creating a low-cost electric car is about maximizing range in every possible way. For instance, Tesla’s designers added plastic covers, costing $1.50 each, to hide four pads on the underside of the car where a jack goes. The decision reduced wind resistance and improved the car’s range by 3 miles.


How many days it takes to fill a job opening:

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 3.25.58 PM.png

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