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Seth Klarman:

Your goal’s not to be working a 100 hours a week, your goal is to get into a situation that recognizes you for who you are. If you ever are going to work that hard, try and have it be on your nickel, try to be an entrepreneur, and at least you’re doing it for you, not for somebody else who … You can hold you a better accountable than you can hold a boss accountable. And if you do work that hard at least the rewards will also go to you, so if you can, be an entrepreneur, especially if you’re gonna work that hard.



There are three conditions that need to be met in order to trust one’s intuition.

The first is that there has to be some regularity in the world that someone can pick up and learn.

“So, chess players certainly have it. Married people certainly have it,” Kahnemen explained.

However, he added, people who pick stocks in the stock market do not have it.

“Because, the stock market is not sufficiently regular to support developing that kind of expert intuition,” he explained.

The second condition for accurate intuition is “a lot of practice,” according to Kahneman.

And the third condition is immediate feedback. Kahneman said that “you have to know almost immediately whether you got it right or got it wrong.”



The United States has as many as 2 billion parking spots for about 250 million cars. “The area of parking per car in the United States is thus larger than the area of housing per human”



We show that the doubling the permissible length of a Tweet led to more polite, less informal, more analytical, and overall healthier discussions online.



Fortnite, first released in its popular “battle royale” mode in September 2017, isn’t just causing problems for kids. An online U.K. divorce service says 200 petitions cited Fortnite and other video games this year as the reason for the breakup of marriages.

Money advice


“Poor person brain” is when you’re just about out of your mind stressed about how you don’t have enough to get by. Despite the fact that I currently have $45.90 in my bank account to last through next week, it’s not uncommon to treat myself to a burger after a particularly grueling week. It’s a habit that I see both as an egregious failure to save my money and as a necessary expenditure to find the will to keep grinding away.

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