Event Recap: Building a Policy Strategy Virtual Webinar

Unfiltered insights on how we support our founders.

On Tuesday, we hosted 22 SFF/Collab Fund founders for a policy strategy discussion led by Annie Gilleo, of the Ad Hoc Group.

Companies: Scope Zero, Verne, ImaginDairy, Endolith, Paces, Electric Air, Carba, Bidirectional Energy, Impossible Metals, Cella Mineral Storage, Aquarry, Birch Biosciences and others!

Given we had 34 RSVPs, we were pleased with the attendance.

The Collab team felt like the presentation was crisp, appropriate for the audience and offered some low-hanging actionable items (i.e. explore your local and/or national trade groups!).

Key metrics:

Aspects folks enjoyed the most:

Areas we could improve:

Overall, we think we’re getting better at these. We had enough space for Q&A and the content/materials felt very relevant for pre-seed/seed-stage climate tech companies.

Ad-Hoc Slide-cc6b40.png

I’m planning on repurposing the presentation into a lead-in for the next SFF newsletter (Dispatch Vol 5), which will be sent out mid-July.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions/feedback.

Thanks, Keely!